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Cast4ME is an easy-to-use IPTV and DLNA server for Windows, allowing you to stream TV signals from TV tuners connected to your PC,
through the network to multiple client devices on your LAN or via the Internet.
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Setting up and using Cast4ME

This page guides you through the basics of setting up and using Cast4ME.
Click on the links before for the process youre interested in learning about.

Setting up your capture device
Streaming to your local network using DLNA/HTTP/UDP
Streaming to the Internet using HTTP Live (HLS)
Testing/Viewing your streams

Setting up your capture device

The first step when setting up Cast4ME is to configure the channels you have available.
You do this on the Devices screen.
This screen list the TV tuners and other video devices found in your machine.
Those devices colored gray are yet be set up for use in Cast4ME.
Devices shown white have channels setup and are ready to use.

Hit the Setup button on the device youd like to setup channels for.
Youll be shown a slightly different screen for each type of video source.
Below a screenshots of the types of screen youll see for DVB-S and DVB-T.
With DVB-S youre asked to select a satellite and enter the LNB settings etc.
With a DVB-T device, youre asked to select the country and region.
Enter the appropriate setting then hit the Scan button and itll search for channels.

Click in "Create a New Group"

in "Product Group Name" Enter the Group Name "Example = IPTV TEST" and click "| Save Changes |".

Click on "Create New Products"